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City of Everett Stormwater Management Action Plan (Plan)

North Creek Open House

The City of Everett and over 80 other cities and counties in Washington are developing plans to address pollution in stormwater runoff from streets, homes, and businesses.

About the Project

The goal of the Plan is to identify actions that will protect the water quality of streams and wetlands. The Plan will include ways to take care of existing stormwater problems and protect and improve receiving water conditions as more people move into the area. This Plan will be prepared for North Creek.

The next step is to identify the possible actions the City could take to improve water quality. These actions include programs and projects. Everett values the input of our community to help us identify these future stormwater actions.

Looking for additional project information? Contact Dana Zlateff, Surface Water Compliance Specialist | [email protected] | 425.257.8927

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